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The Path to Personal Best: Focusing on Gains and Growth with Dèvre Gibson

September 25, 2023 Sherrie Kapach Episode 19
Beyond The Prep Podcast
The Path to Personal Best: Focusing on Gains and Growth with Dèvre Gibson
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“Just focus on yourself, that's all you can really do. You can't control anybody else… Don't overextend yourself because it's meant to be about personal growth and development.” —Dèvre Gibson

Hard work is non-negotiable in bodybuilding. Whether it’s grueling gym sessions, unyielding cardio routines, or the disciplined exertion of self-control, the hard work required is relentless and rigorous. Yet, remember, it’s never about perfection, but progress; and never about external comparison, but personal growth. 

In this episode, Sherrie sits down with competitive bodybuilder Dèvre Gibson to share how she got her start in bodybuilding and her motivation to continue competing to push her limits. Learn about the commitment required to compete, the mental strength it takes to focus and block out comparisons, and transitioning into coaching and helping others achieve their goals.

For those considering competing, Dèvre offers invaluable advice on finding the right coach and allowing adequate preparation time. She also emphasizes the importance of support from the tight-knit bodybuilding community. Tune in and make every rep count!

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Episode Highlights:

02:36 Commitment to Competing 

05:06 Transitioning into Coaching 

07:31 Focusing on Self-Improvement Over Social Comparisons

08:32 Finding the Right Coach and Preparation Time

09:58 The Supportive Bodybuilding Community

Sherrie Kapach: Welcome to Beyond The Prep. I'm your host, Sherrie Kapach. I'd like to welcome today, Devre Gibson. Thank you for coming.

Devre Gibson: Thanks for having me.

Sherrie Kapach: So how long have you been into bodybuilding?

Devre Gibson: Bodybuilding, this will be my third year that I've started. I actually started working on it about seven years ago. I did not actually have any intention of joining the bodybuilding world. I was super athletic in high school and played volleyball, figure skating and all that kind of stuff. Then my first year of high school, I went and my blood trickled off. That freshman 15 turned into the freshman 40 so fast. And so again, much weight wasn't the sports that I wanted, like I could play more. So at 19 years old, I was like watching up the stairs and so I was like, no, this is not okay. Started changing my life and went to the gym, searching for my nutrition and everything. And then a couple years into it, I had a friend that was also bodybuilding at the time. And he's like, you should compete in bodybuilding. And yeah, I met my coach in Vancouver Island a couple of years ago. We get you ready in a couple of weeks. The candidates do it. And I completed two years ago in Kelowna, actually, showed me my first one. And then a couple of months after we did a CPA show and after that, I was just hooked. Sorry, it's been a wild ride so far. I'm actually going to my sixth show. Went to a (inaudible), that was actually my second time going there.

Sherrie Kapach: Nice. Yeah. So when you got into it, and then when you thought, okay, I'm gonna do this, and you're getting into it. Did you ever question why? Because it's a lot of commitment. And being so young, it's like--

Devre Gibson: I definitely did. It's like a big commitment. But before then I was like, not really taking care of my health and I just wasn't really happy. So honestly, I love it. I'm an athlete naturally, so I love competition. And I found that this was the perfect outlet for me and the competitive side because it's all against yourself. And so I'm putting myself on your boat to be disciplined and not waiting on a team member to pick up the slack. It's all on me. So that's what I really loved about it. And just becoming in tune with my mind and my body, I just reconnected with myself entirely so it made me more excited to do it. And just transitioning, getting so far, and then you know putting on body fat, building that muscle.

Sherrie Kapach: Every competition, there's a new body on the stage, right?

Devre Gibson: Exactly.

Sherrie Kapach: There's so much you can achieve.

Devre Gibson: You believe in yourself and you stick to your plan, you're determined like you're gonna achieve a lot. Mindset is huge. I learned a lot about that, and it's a really great sport. I learned a lot about myself, just what I'm capable of. Even my mindset, my mental health, all that kind of stuff. So yeah, it was tough getting into it at first. But my second show was like, no, this is something that I really want to pursue. And I thought it just gets easier, getting better at doing it. It becomes a lifestyle.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, that's for sure. I'm just gonna do it once. And four years later, still doing it.

Devre Gibson: And I find that it improves like most areas of your life. You feel much better. I'm able to do all the sports I love doing, like surfing, hiking, doing those things I love doing and feeling confident in everything that I do. I'm also a dental hygienist so posture, good form and everything. A lot of people ask me if I had back problems and neck problems which you slightly, but not as bad as like you would if you didn't train your body.

Sherrie Kapach: Now you've gotten into the coaching aspect of it, and so what took you into that?

Devre Gibson: Yeah. So it was crazy. So COVID postponed my graduation in dental hygiene. And so in the meantime, I was like, you know what? Actually, when I first started working out, I lost 90 pounds.

Sherrie Kapach: Oh, congratulations.

Devre Gibson: Thank you. So it's completely changed my life. And I was like, a small town girl can do it, anybody can do it. And I would just love to help anybody and everybody, well, I can't do it. So I just started out with lifestyle clients, and then I started going into the competition. So in that time where graduation was postponed, that's my challenge in my program online and did my certifications for personal training. Previously, I'll bring my friends to the gym, show them how to workout and all that kind of stuff. But then I got my certification, started a side business as well as doing hygiene. And it's just gotten bigger. And my goal, eventually, is to move more to personal training and just kind of cut back on hygiene a little bit, but they both encompass health and wellness. So it's hard to choose one or the other. But yeah, so that's kind of what got me into coaching.

Sherrie Kapach: Oh, you're here, you have a client on stage.

Devre Gibson: Her first show. That means a lot to us. Her brother was a bodybuilder, so we're bringing him to the stage.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, that's great. Oh, yeah. Perfect. So what you know now in bodybuilding, competing in bodybuilding, what do you wish you would have known then when you first started that you know now?

Devre Gibson: When I first started, I was worrying about a lot of what other people thought and how other people looked. Because I was like, competition, right? I thought I was competing against other people. Realistically, I wish I would have just hung it on myself. Just focus on yourself, that's all you can really do. You can't control anybody else. You can't force them to do less preps, you just got to outwork them. It's just really like, take that energy, really focus on yourself and do good things for yourself. I'd say no to some things, I need that extra mental space. Like, that's okay. Don't overextend yourself during this time because it's really meant to be about personal growth and development. So that's something that I wish I had probably done earlier on. It's not focused on outside of things, but just really focuses on yourself.

Sherrie Kapach: And it's really hard with social media nowadays, too. It's just there in your face all the time.

Devre Gibson: Even myself, because I have to post on social media for my platform, but that's all I do. Basically, I don't scroll, I don't like to watch other people because it becomes a little bit toxic.

Sherrie Kapach: Oh, absolutely.

Devre Gibson: Previous photos, compare my own self, and just really focusing on myself. Yeah, I'm just trying to block out--

Sherrie Kapach: And you don't know their story. You're comparing yourself to someone you don't even know. We all got our stories. It can be tough. Good for you for just blocking. Even I have struggles.

Devre Gibson: I'm sure everybody does. I do every now and then. But I like, wait, hold on a second, backing up, folks on me. Let's go.

Sherrie Kapach: So what would be the best advice you could give to someone that's just considering competing, getting into bodybuilding?

Devre Gibson: I would probably recommend finding a good coach, talking with a couple of different coaches, and asking them questions. I always have people that just want to work with me right off the bat. And like, well, do you have any questions for me like, how I run my business, how I coach my athletes, all that kind of stuff. So you really want to make sure that your health is in good hands. So just asking lots of questions and doing a little bit of research beforehand, giving yourself a good amount of time. 20 weeks prep is a pretty good starting point for a first time competitor, also depending on where you're at. So just being honest with yourself, taking a look and seeing how much work you have to do, asking a coach to maybe know how much work you got to do, and just kind of getting yourself in a good amount of time to get ready. The worst thing is wanting to do a show super fast when you're not ready. I'm feeling unprepared on your show day. So finding a good coach. It's a family here, getting good support for other athletes, things like that. Mentors at the gym.

Sherrie Kapach: It's a great community. And when you meet everybody, we're all in the same place, right? We're all waiting to get on that stage, we're all exhausted and tired. So it's really nice to meet up with just anyone that's in it so that you have someone to relate to.

Devre Gibson: Exactly. I've met so many of my friends now in bodybuilding. like I know a couple of people here. I'm like, hey, you're looking good. I know you're tired. But yeah, that's such a warm and welcoming community. I know it's a competition. But like I said, it's still a family. You're against yourself. So it's so supportive. It's great.

Sherrie Kapach: Wonderful. So on that note, I just want to thank you very much. I want to wish your competitor good luck. And hopefully, we can meet up again. And when you're competing, we'll do another one.