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024: Staying On Track: How to Maintain a Balance and Discipline During OffSeason with Cleo Wayway

October 30, 2023 Sherrie Kapach Episode 24
Beyond The Prep Podcast
024: Staying On Track: How to Maintain a Balance and Discipline During OffSeason with Cleo Wayway
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“You can still have a social life, just be disciplined about it and stick to your goal.” —Cleo Wayway

Maintaining balance and discipline is a cornerstone of a successful bodybuilding journey, whether during competition season or the offseason. During competition season, discipline is vital for achieving the desired physique, while in the offseason, it's about managing recovery and controlling body composition. Consistency and balance throughout both phases are key to sustained progress and continual improvement in the sport of bodybuilding.

Cleo Wayway is a competitive bodybuilder from Calgary, Alberta. He began lifting weights seriously in high school and has maintained an active lifestyle ever since. In 2022, Cleo decided to enter his first bodybuilding competition. Through his new lifestyle in and out of competition, Cleo has gained mental and physical strength. 

Listen in as Sherrie and Cleo discuss the mental and physical challenges of bodybuilding, how competing can be a transformational journey, how to maintain discipline during the offseason, and how communication with your coach is key to success. 

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Episode Highlights:

01:13 Food and Eating Post-Competition Struggles

03:51 Fitness Journey After Car Accident

08:27 Self-Discipline and Lifestyle Changes Impact Goal Achievement

12:30 Off-Season Training

16:44 The Importance of Nutrition and Mindset 

Sherrie Kapach: Welcome to Beyond The Prep. I'm your host, Sherrie Kapach. I'd like to welcome today, Cleo Wayway. First time competitor. We met at the TNT Showdown. 

Welcome, Cleo. Thank you for joining me.

Cleo Wayway: Thank you so much for having me. I know we had booked back then after the show, but I know the time just went for me. And I guess I was craving more food around that time too. But thank you so much for reaching out to me, so at least everything worked out.

Sherrie Kapach: Absolutely. Yeah, eating was a priority.

Cleo Wayway: Definitely. After the show, we just went straight to sushi after that, so there's the feeling of having a first bite.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah. That's awesome. So tell me a little bit about yourself.

Cleo Wayway: Yeah. So like you mentioned, I just started, I've been working out for a long time. Just did my first bodybuilding competition, TNT. July 1. How do you say this? I work as an Account Executive. So we're coming home, so tech sales, a deal mostly with small business owners that's looking for payroll for their businesses. So a system setting it up makes their life work easier.

Sherrie Kapach: So you just started into bodybuilding, what got you started into it? How did you get into this?

Cleo Wayway: Honestly, I started working out when I was in grade 10, in high school. Growing up I played sports, basketball, football, mostly for football. Being me was like the Filipino kid, so it's a very competitive rate. So you need to build muscle to compete with other people, so our coaches actually got us free passes back then. He was called a talisman downtown. So I went to St. Mary's School, and my football coach had summer classes. So from then on, I looked at programs on And then throughout the years, through school, through college, working out has always been there for me. When you go through stuff, breakups or any kind of heavy sales, like struggles in life, the gym has always been there for me. When it comes to competitive bodybuilding, then it got my attention. So 2018, 2019, but it's in 2018 when I started going more often at Gold's then I met people there. I met my friends who have been doing metaphysics for a while now. So it always just got my attention, like to how dedicated they were, and to building their body, how disciplined they are. For me growing up, I'm always a competitive person. So even though I didn't make it to pro sports, at least that's like a different avenue where I can put my competitiveness to it. But then like, I think in 2017, I had a car accident which kind of caused me some injuries that made it difficult for me to compete. But like I said, the gym has always been there for me to help me through my therapy, my physical and mental health. And yeah, that throughout the years after COVID. And then I think it was December last year when I'm feeling better and then I reached up to my coach, shout out to him for actually making my transformation. But yeah, since then I decided to, hey, maybe it's time for me to actually do it now because I'm feeling better after my car accident. There's still the chronic pain which made it difficult, but with some life struggles just pushing me through doing this, and now actually gave me a goal to actually do a transformation because you can always say that, I want to do a diet, I want to lose 20 pounds. But if you're just saying that, you don't have a goal, you're always not going to be focused on it.

Sherrie Kapach: Without a goal, you stay where you're at. So that's amazing. With this car accident in you, you're still going through the struggles, but you've made it all the way on stage, which is fantastic. Having this in your life has really changed your way of thinking.

Cleo Wayway: Yes, yeah. Oh, you mean the working out where the car accident?

Sherrie Kapach: Just in general with that car accident, you were probably mentally struggling with that.

Cleo Wayway: Yeah. It put me into a depression. It definitely, how do you say? Restricted me with a lot of activities that I've always wanted to do, especially at that age. I think I was like 19 or 20 around that time, or close to that age. And there's just like a lot of activities that I couldn't do because of the injuries that I've suffered. And then watching all my friends who were competing, I couldn't do it because of that restriction that I had during that time. But like I said, the gym, as long as I go to the gym, do my workouts, it always helps me balance it out.

Sherrie Kapach: Good to hear. So with doing your first competition, is it what you expected? Like all them, the mind, physical and mental?

Cleo Wayway: Have so much respect for a lot of bodybuilders. This is probably the hardest thing I've done. I've done other sports, basketball, football, and this is just a different way, like having that mental discipline. Doing your cardio, waking up early doing your fastest cardio. After that, keeping on check on your macros, being on point in your diet, and having that self discipline when you smell a burger. Or like after your workout, you just killed your workout. And you did like 30 minutes on the stairs, and you passed by McDonald's. Just those disappointments. I don't know, it's definitely the hardest thing. But I think when I was close to my competition, I was saying that, oh, man, I think this is the only competition we're going to do. But at least I did it. I want to tell people like, yeah, I could put it on my belt like I've done. But then during the competition, my goal was just to go there and just to show up. And I like to just have fun. And winning second place for my class actually was just the cherry on top. And it was just the adrenaline that I felt kind of jive so much more to do more competition. Actually, I told my coach that I want to do more. So qualify for the national show, so that's what we're aiming for next year.

Sherrie Kapach: Oh, wonderful. Congratulations. Yeah, great feeling. Yeah, the commitment and dedication, and even your social life. I'm not sure about you, but did that change too as well?

Cleo Wayway: Yeah. No, definitely. Especially with me, I live with my brothers. My brothers, like before, what we used to do is we have barbecues, have people over. And definitely, I feel isolated from other activities. Which is a good thing, to be honest. Because sometimes, you need that as a person to clear your mind. And honestly, it took me away from stress as well. Because like before, I used to drink a lot. Everything, especially when you go through stuff. But honestly, like college is a depressant for you so that's why I'm thankful for doing this prep too because it definitely helped clear up my mind, and then helped clear up my body to make me look a lot better too.

Sherrie Kapach: What's your brother's think when you said that this is what I'm going to do?

Cleo Wayway: Honestly, they were very supportive. At first they were like, okay, good. It's like, we'll see to believe it. But then the more consistent I get, they tried to offer me, hey, do you want to taste this? And I was like, no, I can't. Sometimes, I can be persuasive, but I stick to my guns. And now, I can't do it. Because then I think about it, I'm gonna do more partying.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah. That's good when you have the support of your family, or friends, or whichever.

Cleo Wayway: Exactly. Most of my friends like to compete so they know how it is. I think I remember that it was my brother's birthday and we went downtown, and then all of them just ordered food. I just stayed there for like a couple hours, gotta go home. You can still have a social life, just be disciplined about it and stick to your goal. Or you can bring your meals too, that's what I've been doing every time there was a gathering.

Sherrie Kapach: That's nice. It's helpful to just bring your food with you. Once they start seeing you transform and actually stick to it, then they're like--

Cleo Wayway: Yeah, okay.

Sherrie Kapach: So what have you learned during this experience for yourself?

Cleo Wayway: Things that I've learned, basically improving my lifestyle. Especially right now, offseason, after my competition, I definitely binge for at least like a day and a half. And then after that, okay, yeah, I felt like crap. I was like, my time is used for eating. It was definitely one of the worst feelings I've ever had. Definitely like the biggest take away. It just opened my eyes that it definitely changed my lifestyle. I don't have to binge on food. I can eat healthy and still enjoy life. I remember eating the day of my show. I put peanut butter, honey, and ketchup into my rice and chicken. And that definitely tasted so good. A lot of people are saying it tasted bad. But I don't know, it tasted good. Those little things that definitely change my mindset when it comes to food because I do have a terrible relationship with food. I can't eat a lot. Sometimes, I can finish two bags of chips. But then after that, I would feel terrible. But when I finished eating my chicken rice, I feel good. I guess the discipline and the mindset, my lifestyle change by doing this prep.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah. So you’re offseason right now and you're building for your next show?

Cleo Wayway: Yeah, so definitely you need to put on a lot of size right now. I'm just trying to enjoy the summer. I'm trying to slowly keep my abs there. Because for 26 years, I've never seen my abs for my competition. Definitely tried to enjoy that, especially in the off-season in September.

Sherrie Kapach: Okay. So offseason, you stick to your meal plan. Do you get a cheat meal?

Cleo Wayway: So for my reverse diet, the coach gave me a reverse diet. I do have a cheat meal once a week. And then throughout the proceeding, chicken and rice, my egg whites. What I learned throughout my prep, when I had zero carbs, that's probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. So right now I'm just like, as long as there's rice, I'm okay with it. And then my oats.

Sherrie Kapach: I understand. I almost just wanted to stay in bed.

Cleo Wayway: There's some days where I would wake up and feel like I've been hit by a truck, with no energy or anything. And then one day, suddenly checking. So my coach said, hey, am I flat enough to get some parts today? That he's like, no, keep going. Sometimes I will even pray on my team. I was shuffling the cards tomorrow.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, always looking forward to that response from that check in.

Cleo Wayway: Exactly, exactly. Yeah, I think that was my peak week that I had to do check-ins every day. But my coach can definitely do some adjustments there.

Sherrie Kapach: That's nice. That's wonderful. So what's the best piece of advice you could give someone that's thinking, they come to me and they're like, hey, you did great. That's awesome. Thinking of trying it, what kind of advice would you give them?

Cleo Wayway: I'd say, get a good coach. For me, personally, I like my chemistry with my coach. I had some coaches here and there, but it's just my communication level with him right now. I would ask him questions and his response rate would be fast. Sometimes, I would message him in the middle of the night, and then he'd actually responded. Sometimes, I feel bad waking him up late at night. Definitely having a good coach that would put you in check to understand your lifestyle, or the way that you learn to definitely use an advantage to do it yourself, or just blindly following a coach. Because I know some coaches that when you ask them, they just like, hey, just follow the program. Get a coach that actually will try to explain to you so you can actually get a better understanding. Because basically, you're doing stuff for your body while you're eating from this thing. You're doing exercise wise. So vitamin C, you gotta take great. And then your cardio, why do you have to do too much cardio? Why do you have to get that certain heart rate? So get a good coach that you have a good chemistry with. That's an advantage.

Sherrie Kapach: Okay, that's good advice. So we're gonna ask you, when you message him through the night with the question you're asking, is it like, I want to eat this? Or what?

Cleo Wayway: My brother used to cook food, and then I would send him a snap, let's say a Filipino dish. Cooked this stuff, sour soup spots in the ground, and then I was like, back when I still had race, I would message him. I was sending him a picture like, hey, can I put this in my soup? And it was like 12:00 in the morning. I'll be surprised that he would like, no, there's too much sodium there. Like those little things.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, it's a solid question for us as bodybuilders. If I threw the night, I just went into that cupboard and had what I shouldn't have. I'm like, no need to respond. But I have to tell you this because I just have to be accountable. Because if they wait, those will go worse. I may not tell them, but they know.

Cleo Wayway: Exactly. What amazed me throughout the prep is how our body changes, even the littlest things. I remember the day of my prep, we had to set cards, a certain amount, but that's a good thing. Every time before I eat my meals during that time, I have to check in with him, which is great. And then he looks at me and says, hey, look, I didn't race. So just those little things just amazed me how our psychology works.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, I feel like it's a science.

Cleo Wayway: I'm not a scientist, but I will just let it go.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, it's like they just know exactly. It's pretty fascinating, for sure. I just want to congratulate you again, and that's awesome. So that was the drive when did you get off stage and say, alright coach, what's next?

Cleo Wayway: Yeah. No, definitely. Every time I get off stage and ask him, can I eat now? Can I eat my rice cakes? Yeah, you can eat now. Those little things. I guess from the last time, if you have good communication with your coach, that's definitely a huge advantage. Especially for me for this prep, I actually only started eight weeks out to do my prep. I'm just surprised somehow a lot of people were doubting like, oh, my conditioning and everything. But we still push through it. Happy for the result, though. For the time that we had too.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, that's amazing. Eight weeks.

Cleo Wayway: When I showed my other competitors my photo when I was eight weeks, (inaudible).

Sherrie Kapach: Great feeling.

Cleo Wayway: Excited for the next one. At least this time, we're more focused, more time.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah. More time and plus that time to have them get you built up more. When you switch over, you're eating, you're eating clean and everything. You'd actually eat more than if you were just eating.

Cleo Wayway: Yeah, exactly. Because the calories that are within the food you would eat, like burger and fries, that's close to 1,500 calories or around that. And while if you have a (inaudible), you actually feel more satisfied. And that's what I noticed too. When I was eating 3, it's like I'm happy at the moment. Then after that, I just feel like, oh, whatever I'm doing. You look at the mirror and like, why are you doing this to yourself? You only have one body to be taken care of.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, you're absolutely right. And even being through what you went through with your car accident, you realize that you have a second chance with this. Like you said, you only have one body. Let's treat it well.

Cleo Wayway: Right. Exactly. You don't want to put junk into a Ferrari.

Sherrie Kapach: Great analogy. Yeah, absolutely. That's awesome. All right. Well, on that note, I just want to thank you for coming and joining me. This has been a lot of fun. Good luck in your next competition. And hopefully, we connect after that one and see where that takes you.

Cleo Wayway: Well, thank you so much for inviting me here. I actually had fun. I should just say one other thing. I was mentioning that I was opening up a restaurant and a bar in Calgary. So we're actually opening it up maybe at the end of the month. We're just doing some final inspections and everything. It's called One Way, it's in downtown. It's a one way street that's why we call it One Way.

Sherrie Kapach: When are you opening?

Cleo Wayway: Hopefully by the end of the month. We're just finalizing a lot like permits, inspections and everything going on. After that, we should be good to go. And the good thing is that we serve zero sugar alcohol. So for my fellow bodybuilders, that can be a good thing because I know we don't like sugar.

Sherrie Kapach: Yeah, that's our bad. That's amazing. Good luck to you opening that. I will come in to check it out, for sure. competition's

Cleo Wayway: Perfect. Thank you so much.

Sherrie Kapach: All right, take care.